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As he attempts to handcuff her, she struggles and escapes, only to be hit by a car. There is a moment of uncertainty before she gets up and walks away. Petra arrives at the scene in a taxi moments too late, and Franziska appears outside the kitchen window the next day. Like Pilots , but in a more radical way, The Sex Thief presents a cinematisation of social relations in which, on the one hand, women in the workplace are reified into a priced image, necessitating competitiveness and even deception, and in which, on the other hand, familial ties of solidarity encourage resistance to these workings of neoliberalism.

She in turn spies on her sister and realises that Franziska had been lying about her translation business and has never really pursued any of her career dreams. Deeming Franziska qualified for a better job, Petra encourages her to schedule interviews — with employers who will most certainly be men. In the first interview, Franziska emphasises fixed pay, which, Petra explains afterwards, reveals weakness.

As the cinematisation of social relations intensifies, Franziska loses control of her image and its place in the economy. As with Karin in Pilots , Franziska is recorded upon entering the building, suggesting that this footage might be watched when considering hires.

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The office contains a large video camera, and apparently all interviews are recorded. Franziska enters the office in The Sex Thief The interviewer criticises Franziska after she has been in the room for two minutes and given no answers — she has only asked more questions, which, he admits, has now made him angry. As she lists her qualifications and references, he yawns and looks at her with an expression of bored contempt, striking a business pose this gesture becomes key in Yella.

Petra tells her to smile at the man who interviews her. You will get the job. Petra perhaps realises that her line of work — literally, criminal seduction — has its own rules that might intersect with but do not translate directly to business. At the same time, she seems to realise that she is more naturally gifted at image- manipulation than her sister. The Sex Thief features a proto-image of Franziska with fetish value in the Freudian sense of removed connections produced in its repeated viewing.

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He points out that she looks down too much at her skirt, noting how unconfident she is. Franziska has tried to play the game of proto-images, but it is her sister who, in solidarity with her exploited sibling, takes control in this image economy. This new solidarity invites a new honesty: Petra concedes that she, too, has lied about her employment and has never been a hotel manager.

Her friend and potential romance, the hotel thief, is then arrested when they meet at a bar. In The State I Am In , Petzold testifies to the absorption of surveillance images-as-capital by government sources, thus both incorporating and transcending the proto-images tracked above. Instead they focus on internal security. When a brand attack happens on one of these companies, however, we always notice a rapid shift in thinking, and the budget is suddenly there for brand protection.

It takes a while to develop a trustworthy brand and, in my experience, companies are slowly realizing that it can be destroyed overnight, thanks to fraudulent digital activities. There are many ways cybercriminals can use your brand for malicious purposes.

They can push phishing attacks, creating rogue websites and apps to dupe your customers or set up fake groups and profiles on social media. At the same time, they can be discussing potential attacks on your brand or selling your stolen marketing database on the deep, dark web, for example.

At Orange Cyberdefense, we offer different surveillance services to meet multiple requirements. These include IP reputation intelligence, rogue website and app monitoring and remediation when an issue is detected, domain name and phishing monitoring and takedown, dark web monitoring and data leak monitoring.

PRISM includes live surveillance, says report

It is paramount from the outset to protect your brand and IP in cyberspace. This disregards the sometimes irreparable brand damage a malicious attack can make. Initially, we suggest making an assessment or proof of concept of our cybersurveillance monitoring services to see exactly how exposed you are to brand risk and how to deal with it. The next step is to define the type of monitoring that is required.

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