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Figurine Mug. Avon - Dave's Dungeon Sale. Add to Cart. Together with James Childs Guitar and Charles Pasarell Bass , Alfredo has managed to set up a project having its roots in the old school desert rock.

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Although certainly not a milestone, in this work AVON have been able to reread their own influences in their own way. Which is not trivial, considering that they, themselves, were for years the forerunners of a genre very inflated nowadays.

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There are many influences in Dave's Dungeon. This last work by AVON is a very well-played album, where bass, guitar and drums are wonderfully intertwined with vocal melodies. The only flaw is, to my opinion, the lack of a production a little rougher than the current one. Another sketch from this morning colored and finished.

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Red She-Hulk c Marvel. Image size.

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    Sign In. A bad girl with a cute look! Congratulations by this good work! Hah, nice.

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    Okay, this one is probably my favorite of the two. Marker-Mistress Professional Traditional Artist.

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    Thanks man! I was thrilled with how this turned out, one of my better chibis of late.

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    I never knew there was such a thing as a red hulk until now. Look how cute her little toeses are!

    au.yzizotyrodiz.tk The lack of noses on chibis always disturbs me. Yup I guess her character in particular was announced at last year's comic con and they just now revealed who she really is, I don't even remember when Red Hulk himself was though. Bah They actually look scarier with the noses, believe me I actually tried just to test it out D:. Why thank you!