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View all 10 comments. Excellent ending to a fantastic series. Abstract in certain ways but still less so than Loss, which I appreciated. Hold people accountable, y'all. Apr 21, Liviania rated it really liked it. I have enjoyed the Riders of the Apocalypse story more with each book. Jackie Morse Kessler has brought her series to a fitting, stirring conclusion, albeit one that won't make sense to readers who haven't read the three previous books in the series.

Death is not like the other Horsemen and never has been. He is older and more powerful and never human. But that doesn't mean he can't become suicidal. An I have enjoyed the Riders of the Apocalypse story more with each book. And if Death commits suicide, then the world dies with him. The world's only chance is Xander Atwood. Death owes him a boon and can't end the world until he repays it. Xander, who can barely face his own issues, is thrust into the position of confidant and therapist.

Kessler also addresses the issues I had with Missy and Death's relationship, and briefly touches again on her sister. Billy's connection to his predecessors continues to be important to the story, just as he continues to be my favorite Horseman. Leaving threads hanging can make stories seem more realistic, but I'm happy that Kessler finished her tapestry neatly.

I wondered how Kessler could ever reveal more about him without ruining everything, but I think she managed. Death's tale contains love, betrayal, creation, despair, the whole of our universe. It's an intriguing origin and makes him no less interesting. I enjoyed Xander's story too. I felt it was a bit easy to figure out what happened to him, but I'm not sure it was supposed to be a huge mystery. Kessler certainly wasn't leery of giving clues.

But I loved his personality, very giving and compassionate. He was the right character at the right time, albeit one with a life punctuated by inopportune moments. I highly recommend the Riders of the Apocalypse series as a whole. They're a unique blend of urban fantasy and issue novels and each piece comes together so wonderfully. Kessler's afterword tells how much of the story was unplanned, which is amazing given how wonderfully constructed the series is. View all 4 comments.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

I think I can honestly say that this book is my favorite in the quartet - everything has been building to this book, and boy, was the wait worth it. If you've started your journey with "Hunger", you simply must end it with "Breath".

While a little slow to start with Xander's story grounding us as to how he's important as more 4. While a little slow to start with Xander's story grounding us as to how he's important as more than just listening to Death's life story no pun intended , once Death starts speaking once again wearing the guise of Kurt Cobain - it's off to the races and it's a non-stop rocket ride until the very final page, where you'll find yourself breathless. The best part? Like you have closure, and though there are still a few lingering questions, Kessler lets the audience have a little imagination room, which is always appreciated.

Death's origin story brings in the many-worlds theory into effect - and mixes it with the paranormal. Where did Death come from? Is he an angel? Is he god? All of these questions are presented as possibilities as to where Death came from, and what he is. While Kessler and Death coyly don't really answer this one important question, it's still presented really well, and we get hints of other universes aligned with ours, where other beings like us just might be a little okay, a lot more advanced.

We also get the origin story of how life here on earth began and the implication of how without Death being there before, the idea of "death" or apoptosis might never have existed , along with that of the Horsemen, and how various important pieces of human history have influenced by the Death and his Horsemen. I have to hand it to Kessler - she really rewove all of what we as humans already know into something dazzlingly original.

I was kind of starstruck during these origin story pieces of the book. We also get to see all of our previous Horsemen - Missy War , Billy Pestilence , and Tammy current Famine with a cameo appearance with the original Famine we were introduced to, Lisabeth.


The Book Of Revelation

We also get a good fix in terms of time since we last left these characters taking up their offices as Horsemen. It's been years since we last left them, and we get to see how their lives, both as Horsemen and as semi-humans have developed, and I was so, so gratified to see that they were included. Since this is Death's book, we don't get a huge infodump on the rest of the Horsemen - just enough to go on, and how they're handling things years into their jobs as Horsemen. We also get glimpses of the original Horsemen, and how the office as Horseman works inheriting the knowledge of one's predecessors, etc , which I thought was pretty great.

"Doomsday Jesus"

We see how they're healing, and how in some areas, they're a bit stuck - and how Death's suicidal actions bring them together long enough for them to stop bickering. The scenes involving the Horsemen and Death all together are some of my favorite of the book, if just to see everyone together again.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse audiobook - part 3

Just as Death's origin story further expands the world that Kessler has built over the past three books, we also get yet another new piece of this world - the Slate. I won't spoil things, but it's a place I would love to visit, even if it might be slightly depressing at times. It sounds like an incredible place, and I can see why Death would want to take refuge there - why, if anything, it's the ONLY place he can take refuge when he needs to lick his wounds. While I wanted more on the Slate and its description, what I got was enough to go on.

His secret, at the end, is a very small one, but very important. It's thrown off everything within his own life though I won't say how , and it's helped Death get onto suicide watch in its own way. The way this was teased and teased throughout the book was great, as was the increasing tension that came with each tease of what this secret might be.

With it, we also see Death's endgame - and the question - has Xander and Death been a reliable narrator throughout this book? If you've been reading the blog, you'll know that the unreliable narrator trope is one of my favorites, and to bring it in right at the climax is a move that authors, I find, almost never use.

Revelation 6 NTE - Four Horsemen - The next thing I saw - Bible Gateway

And it was brilliant. Furthermore - it worked in everyone's favor. Final verdict? Definitely the best in the quartet and one of my favorites of so far, "Breath" is a great ending to a wonderful series. Definitely worth the read and highly recommended. Man, am I going to miss this series. View 1 comment.

May 15, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. I'm forgoing my usual summary because this is the fourth book in the series and I really think you should read them all in order to understand the amazing world building that has gone into this series. I'm a huge fan of character and setting. If you draw me into one of the two of them, I'm going to finish the book, even if the plot sucks which this plot does not. The first three books talk about the stories of each horseman, where this one focuses on Death. Death is an intricate character in ea I'm forgoing my usual summary because this is the fourth book in the series and I really think you should read them all in order to understand the amazing world building that has gone into this series.

Death is an intricate character in each book, but his story really comes alive in this one. Looking like Kurt Cobain and sounding wiser than any of the previous characters, I felt like this book was written for my generation. Kurt Cobain was such a heavy influence upon the world in which I grew up. I felt like the philosophical aspects, the despair in Death, and the very large issue of suicide was more for me than my students. That is not to say teens don't love this series because they are checked out from my library more than they are in , but adults in their late twenties and early thirties will dive into this one as well.

As much as I would encourage the reading of all, this can stand by itself.

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There is enough substance to keep the reader going through the book without being confused. The world build itself is not as far in depth, but enough to stay entertaining and let you feel inside the book. The focus of character building is on Death and Xander, even though the others are also involved. All together, the plot line could satisfy someone that has not read any of the other three.