Linux Server Hacks, Volume 2: Tips & Tools for Connecting, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

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As long as there are two arguments next to who, it will work. I prefer ues who, whoami and w. Never know there are so many other commands. But thanks to guys like Ramesh who are willing to learn us for free I slowley makeing a progress… Thanks! Jennifer, Thanks for the comments. Marko, Thanks for the very kind words. I did visit your site and saw pictures of your kids. They are very cute.

Hi, thanks you for taking the time and visit my website, which was first started in year when my kids were born, just as an experiment and it was running om my desktop pc winXP and Apache without registerd domain…. That was a bit of history, I hope my English is understandable, and I hope I was not to boring….

Marko, Thanks for sharing your personal journey about your website.

Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two

It is very interesting story. What is the command to view all the users in a machine either logged-in or log out.? What I have in mind is to go to home directory and issue an ls command. Thanks for this article … ths is very intersting i want to know more about user login… pls publish article lik ths about User Log out what happens.

Do we have any option to find out the user logged in as a FTP user. Is there any way to find out the user loged in using FTP to the server other than looking into ftp server logs? Can anyone help me out. Can you help me in writing a java program that list all the logged in users in my linux system the condition is that I can not use system calls….

Good info, but what if you wanted to know all users running commands?

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None of those options show service accounts. I use the following to get a list of all users running commands. This is very ground zero article to the point , fundamental to the point and with examples. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. All rights reserved Terms of Service. Ramesh March 31, , pm. Anonymous April 2, , pm. Thank you for posting this blog. It is very useful for me. Keep on posting. Miguimon April 9, , am. Ramesh April 10, , pm. Marko July 8, , pm. Ramesh Natarajan July 8, , pm.

Marko July 9, , am. Bye Marko. Ramesh Natarajan July 14, , pm.

Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two: Tips Tools for Connecting, Monitori…

Yaggi December 3, , pm. This means that login password system can not secure your private and sensitive data against possible theft of your PC. You must deploy data encryption technology to do it. Dm-crypt is a cryptographic filesystem using device-mapper. Device-mapper maps one block device to another.

Stacked filesystem stacks itself on top of an existing directory of a mounted filesystem. You can encrypt contents of removable mass devices, e. You simply format it as the following. The difference is that every data written to it is encrypted. You may alternatively format media in different filesystem, e.

If you are really paranoid for the security of data, you may need to overwrite multiple times the " badblocks " command in the above example. This operation is very time consuming though. You can enable encrypted swap partition using dm-crypt by as the following.

It does not require any special on-disk storage allocation effort but cannot keep all filesystem metadata confidential. If you use your login password for wrapping encryption keys, you can automate mounting eCryptfs via PAM Pluggable Authentication Modules. Configuration errors of PAM may lock you out of your own system. Debian distributes modularized Linux kernel as packages for supported architectures. The version bump from Linux 2. See " kernel-parameters. Most normal programs don't need kernel headers and in fact may break if you use them directly for compiling.

For compiling some kernel-specific programs such as the kernel modules from the external source and the automounter daemon amd , you must include path to the corresponding kernel headers, e. List of key packages to be installed for the kernel recompilation on the Debian system. Do not put symlinks to the directories in the source tree e. Some outdated documents suggest this.

When compiling the latest Linux kernel on the Debian stable system, the use of backported latest tools from the Debian unstable may be needed. The dynamic kernel module support DKMS is a new distribution independent framework designed to allow individual kernel modules to be upgraded without changing the whole kernel.


This is used for the maintenance of out-of-tree modules. This also makes it very easy to rebuild modules as you upgrade kernels. For building custom kernel binary packages from the upstream kernel source, you should use the " deb-pkg " target provided by it. The hardware driver is the code running on the target system. Most hardware drivers are available as free software now and are included in the normal Debian kernel packages in the main area. The firmware is the code or data loaded on the device e.

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Some firmware packages are available as free software but many firmware packages are not available as free software since they contain sourceless binary data. Please note that non-free and contrib packages are not part of the Debian system. Use of virtualized system enables us to run multiple instances of system simultaneously on a single hardware. There are several system virtualization and emulation related packages in Debian beyond simple chroot.

Some packages also help you to setup such system. See Wikipedia article Comparison of platform virtual machines for detail comparison of different platform virtualization solutions. Some functionalities described here are only available in squeeze or later. Default Debian kernels support KVM since lenny. Typical work flow for virtualization involves several steps. The raw and VMDK file format can be used as common format among virtualization tools.

Mount the disk image with mount 8 to the filesystem optional. VirtualBox provides full system emulation on i and amd64 with or without the hardware-assisted virtualization. For other virtual disk image files, you can use qemu-nbd 8 to export them using network block device protocol and mount them using the nbd kernel module.

You can mount the first partition of " disk.

You may export only the first partition of " disk.