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Sharon T. Jo Franks. The Dinner Plan. Kathy Brennan. Tasty Soups. Kevin Lynch. Jamie Mathis. Buddha Bowls. Hannah Pemberton. Clean Living Fast Food. Luke Hines.

Kevin Dundon's Back to Basics. Kevin Dundon. Seven Family Favourite Recipes. But if you're lucky enough to still be on mom and dad's dime, we suggest you think beyond the grocery store Farmers Markets, the local butcher shop when parceling out your culinary education dimes. Because in the very near future, you'll be spending plenty of time — trust us — in the TJ's bargain pasta aisle as you try to balance your own lasagna bolognese-laden pocketbook.

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Music See all. Track of the Week: T. Entertainment See all. I'd like to win this book because those chickpeas are such a cool original idea! I'd love to see what else is in this! I would love to win this book, because I love Trader Joe's! While I am not a college student, sometimes I cook like one!

Sounds like a wonderful cookbook. I am going to buy one for me and one for my teenage daughter. I'm in college and I love TJ's! Plus I have a small cookbook obsession. Sounds like the perfect book for me :D.

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Sounds like something that will get me a bit more interested in cooking I'd like this book for my college daughter living in a house with her friends this year while she attends her senior year. She could use some cheap easy ideas. I'd love to give this to my daughter! Imagine a nearly 30 year old woman with a designer kitchen and a mom who loves to cook -- and she still calls me when she's hard-cookig eggs!

I could add this to my TJ's cookbook collection! Well, it would only be the second one, but whatever I love Trader Joe's and anything associated with it :. My son will be a freshman in college next month so this would be a great thing to send him off with.

cz.fevejazamy.tk I would love to win this cookbook because I'm a newlywed and definitely need some assistance in the cooking department! This sounds like just the thing that I need! I am a working mom with 3 little ones, a full time job,and a trader joes conveniently located halfway between work and their school.

Would love new ideas of what to feed everyone! My daughter is out of college, but is poor, hungry and one block away from Trader Joe's.

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She really needs this book. I would love to win this book becasue I love cookbooks and I love Trader Joe's but never get to go there. I wanna win it cuz I wish I'd written it--it definitely reflects a frequent cooking strategy of mine: "combine stuff from TJ's. I'd like to win this book because I love TJ's and until recently did not have one available to me. I'd love to win this book for my grandson who leaves for his Freshman year at Penn State next month. He loved "home economics" in high school and had it first period each day in his senior year so he could make his own breakfast.

That is the only meal he knows how to make. This would be so valuable to him and his roomies. He will be in a unit with 4 bedrooms and a gally kitchen. Carol V. I'd like to win because there is a new Trader Joe's opening in my area in September!