Flight from Hell (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #15.5)

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Teddy was the family friend. Dredge was a vicious, truly nasty vampire who turned Mennolly. The Cover and Title The cover is a range of deep blues with a sassy and skeptical-looking Mennolly, blue beads in her cornrows, a royal blue turtleneck at last, a sense of reality!

She's carrying a fancy-looking ax and standing, with one leg bent, in front of a midnight-dark mausoleum, the full moon hanging low.

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I'm not sure what the title refers to. It could be a "Flight From Hell" in that Shimmer has escaped death in too many ways. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Group and Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review. I mean seriously I am not dumb but I can not tell you why I keep grabbing books and novellas that are deep in series without reading any other books in the series. I am not sure that I will ever learn. I am positive that readers who know this series will like this novella quite This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Group and Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

I am positive that readers who know this series will like this novella quite a lot. I, on the other hand, knowing nothing of the world and nothing of the characters found myself having a hard time keeping up at the beginning. To be fair to myself though, I did think that since this is the start of a spin off series I would be OK to jump in here. Once I had the characters and the world figured out, I liked the story and the writing quite a lot actually. Once the characters from the Fly by Night Investigations Agency were introduced and became a part of the story things started to click for me.

Menolly and the rest of the D'Artigo sisters are working to find Shimmer, a blue dragon. After talking to Alex, the owner of Fly By Night Investigations, the group realizes that more may be going on than they had first thought.


Alex has a long standing enemy who is using Shimmer to seek his revenge. I really enjoyed this story after the new characters were introduced and the rescue mission was in full force. I wanted to read this story because this is my kind of story I also like to sample an author's writing in a novella. My only real issue was being a bit confused at the beginning but that was completely my fault for jumping in at book I like how this story was written and would like to read other works by Yasmine Galenorn.

When Carter asks for help locating Shimmer, they set off for the Fly By Night Magical Investigations and discover a rogue vampire with a diabolical plot of revenge and mayhem. This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers shivering in anticipation with thrills and chills as Menolly takes the lead in finding Shimmer. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the well orchestrated suspense and drama draws the reader deeper into the plot. I found this to be an enjoyable and thrilling addition to the Otherworld series and I loved meeting the new characters.

Flight from Hell is a novella about Shimmer an outcast Blue Dragon that is sent to Earth as a punishment. With no powers to defend herself she soon falls prey to an elusive vampire a upcoming enemy to the sisters if you ask me. Menolly is on the hunt for the vampire siring all the wreck loose vampire that are leaving a trail of blood in their wake, when she is asked to look in on Shimmer as a favor. This is when the shit really hits the fan.

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First there seems to be an uncharted vampire taking up residence in Seattle. I have a feeling he will be of great use in the future books. Working together the sisters and Alex pinpoint their nemesis. I have loved these books in the past I found this one to be extremely descriptive. Like pages for the back drop and pages about the park and pages about how they all run in similar circles.

That was what brought the stars down for me. It was all searching and chatting and then a brief moment of action followed by more question building for the next book. I hoped this was a standalone novella I was left unfulfilled. Actually give this one a 4. It just needed a little bit more. Over all tho, I enjoyed it as I have all of Ms. Galenorn's writings. This is a crossover introducing a new series. We get the D'Artigo sisters who are helping to figure out what's going on, not only with a new nest of vampires popping up, but also with the blue dragon, Shimmer, who is working for a vampire private investigator.

It seems like she's all of a sudden very grumpy. Before she tries to murder him. An interesting story and a fast read. I felt like there were almost more details in the first book of Fly by Night than in this story. You almost don't need th This is a crossover introducing a new series. You almost don't need this if you've already read that. I have read Flight from Death before this, even if this book is supposed to happen before.

Flight from Hell by Yasmine Galenorn

Oupp my bad. Wonderful crossover story! I've loved the Otherworld series since I was first introduced to them. And the Fly By Night Agency spinoff is an excellent addition to the world. I enjoyed this story immensely and can't wait to read the next one.

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If you didn't already love Menolly really, what's wrong with you? She's a total badass - you will now. It's sad, but we learn that through great trauma can blossom a wonderful existence. This book introduces new characters which will feature in the authors new Fly By Night series. This is a short crossover story that is expanding Otherworld and giving greater depth and dimension to the people who inhabit it but rest assured it's still the same glorious ride that readers have come to expect from this amazingly talented author. This story introduces Shimmer a dragon who is exiled from the Dragon Reaches for five years and sent Earthside to work for Alex a vampire who runs a magical investigation company.

She goes missing, and Menolly and her sisters, half human, half Fae and all attitude! Menolly is already trying to solve the mystery of rogue vampires in Seattle and can't help but question whether or not there's a connection. Alex is an unknown and can Menolly and her sisters really trust him?

As their investigation hots up its clear that a powerful and deadly foe without conscience is targeting Alex and anyone caught in the crossfire is in danger. Struggling to find Shimmer whilst catching the murderous vampires plaguing the city will put all their lives in peril but with an enemy who has revenge on his mind and anger in his heart to fight , there is no choice.

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Fight or die trying! Most of this book is told from Menolly's point of view and as she is my favourite of the D'Artigo sisters I'm a happy reader! When we first read about Menolly at the beginning of this story she's somewhat at a loss.


Flight from Hell by Yasmine Galenorn

Menolly has recently lost a true friend and also her bar but in true Menolly style she's not down and out , no she's prepared to embrace new challenges. Unfortunately the problem of the rogue vampires is going to prove to be a lot more complicated then anyone could have predicted and add to that the mysterious Alex who has definitely been keeping under the supernatural radar and you can understand that this story is just the beginning.

I think that's what just might irritate some readers as although there is an end of sorts, it's not a complete and absolute definitive ending.

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So in order to get to the truth readers will need to get the next book in this series. This author writes very good urban fantasy in my opinion and although there are relationships within her books it's not really my idea of romantic fiction. These sisters have very unusual love lives but in this short story there's no real interaction. This story however pulled me in from the first page and it was such fun meeting new characters and I have to admit they are very intruiging.

It's also worth noting that I thought this worked well as a standalone and would be an ideal way for new readers to sample the authors work although I have to admit that reading a series in order is clearly the best way to get maximum enjoyment.