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Judika Illes. Ironically, I don't feel that the actual encyclopedia part of the book really supports the Wiccan part because summoning information and the like is only included with major gods and goddesses, information that you can really find anywhere. That said, the actual information is great and very well-researched. There are some entities in here that I have not found much information about elsewhere, so I definitely recommend it. Feb 20, Angela Coulter rated it it was amazing Shelves: resources-general.

I LOVE this resource! I now have this book in both the physical form and on my Nook because I find it so valuable.

Jul 08, R. More than reading it I consulted this, because as the title says it's an encyclopedia. It's interesting to see the connection between spirits in different cultures, I believe most dieties are interpretations of more ancient ones, but I'm not too interested in exploring all those cultures so I tend to only read those I'm already interested in and closer with. I would have liked to see the spirits categorized per culture or qualities instead of just a list in alphabetical order.

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Sometimes I wish th More than reading it I consulted this, because as the title says it's an encyclopedia. Sometimes I wish this was a webpage with a search function, searching on a kindle isn't always accurate and impossible if you own a printed copy, if you're looking for a specific type of spirit you still need to browse through the whole thing.

Jun 12, Juli Anna rated it liked it Shelves: myth-folklore , spirit. A very thick volume, with much interesting information. I enjoyed the authorial voice much of the time, and particularly appreciated that many versions of popular myths are recounted here, rather than focusing on singular, well-known versions. However, I found that the lack of consistency in entry format was irritating and, as usual for this kind of book, I found that the subject matter was not comprehensive enough in terms of geography or culture.

But all in all, I enjoyed piecing my way throug A very thick volume, with much interesting information. But all in all, I enjoyed piecing my way through this for the last few weeks! Jan 28, Yvonne rated it really liked it Shelves: paganism , wicca , spirituality , paranormal , supernatural , witchcraft. This book is a wealth of obscure information that is both intriguing and enlightening.

It's a substantial about of information and Judika Illes definitely put in a lot of time and research into this encyclopedia. I've never regretted this purchase. Jun 20, Oliver Golubev rated it it was amazing.